Stronger Cash-flow. Higher Equity.

We custom-tailor our services to match your unique situation—optimizing your cash-flow and equity.

Put the Income Back into Your Income Property

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Managing a property—and the associated relationships with residents, vendors, and service providers—can be a daunting task.

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Lion Rock eases the burdens that come with self-management and helps you attain higher profit margins.

Watch Your Property Appreciate—Your Investment Perform

We have two distinct stages to every property management engagement: The Appreciation stage, and the Performance stage.

Stage One:

In this stage we’re on the ground with you:

  • Researching current and projected market data for your investment property.
  • Identifying the most impactful property refinements you can make
  • Designing a plan to make property improvements according to a workable timeline and budget
  • Right-pricing your units to be both competitive and profitable

Stage Two:

In this stage we continuously work to:

  • Optimize your investment
  • Grow your equity
  • Keep things running smoothly
  • Funnel interest to maximize occupancy
  • Ensure your residents are happy and thriving
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You expect us to handle the day-to-day tenant management duties such as regularly-scheduled (preventive) and unforeseen maintenance. But what you’ll find most refreshing is our keen ability to balance cash-flow, manage expenses, and protect your bottom-line.
Top 10 Ways Lion Rock Helps You Succeed

1. Appearance

We’ll do all we can to maintain and improve the appearance of your property—and we’ve got an in-house crew that can handle a full range of renovation projects.

2. Organization

 From video-logged unit inspections to random drive-by verifications, we’ll always know what’s happening at your property so that we can quickly resolve issues as they arise. 

3. Availability

We’re available 24/7 to help and guarantee a two-hour window for all response times. 

4. Sales

We proactively run ads to find Residents in a way that minimizes vacancies and preserves cash-flow.

5. Screening

Our proprietary screening process ensures that only qualified tenants move in.

6. Reporting

We lead monthly performance check-ins to compare projections to actuals and to adjust strategies when necessary in order to deliver maximum ROI.

7. Financing

We help accredited investors tap into an exclusive lending market that we’ve fostered with trusted banks and investors.

8. Optimization

We test your renovation plans to ensure that you maximize your ROI.

9. Renovation

Our in-house general contractor offers flexibility, convenience, cost-control, and greater, more consistent availability.

10. Flat-Rates

We offer a flat management fee that covers every aspect of our services, right down to our in-house maintenance and repair crew.
Here is What our clients are saying about Lion ROCK
Ksusha Keena
Ksusha Keena
I don’t ever have to worry about anything, Lion Rock takes care of everything, 100%!

Why should I hire a firm to manage my property?

A professional, reliable property management company can make a world of difference in the lives—and businesses—of busy rental property owners. We shoulder the day-to-day stresses of managing a rental property in order to maximize your time, money, and other resources.

Will I still be the “one in charge”?

Yes; our discreet and professional services keep you in control at all times. Rather than having your tenants become worried that you’ve introduced a change in how the relationships are managed, they’ll feel like you’ve brought a new level of professionalism to the tenant/management relationship.

Can I afford to hire Lion Rock?

Our services are priced competitively and give you the best value for your dollar in the Twin Cities region. We charge a flat fee and we’re willing to work with you and your specific situation in order to determine the most appropriate fees for our services. We want to make things work for all parties involved.

Will I be happy with your vendors?

We only work with reliable, cost-effective, proven vendors who have a consistent track record of fair pricing, excellent work, and courteous service. Our vendors are our vendors because they make life easier.

How will you find me residents?

We advertise on various online channels, beginning 60-90 days before a unit becomes available, with the goal to fill the property 30 days before it’s move-in ready. Our proprietary screening process is innovative, unique and keeps “hassle tenants” far away. You can rest easy knowing we place only the most qualified tenants. 

Experience the Lion Rock Difference

If you’re a property owner looking for expert management, or a renter in search of the best places to live in the Twin Cities, we can help.
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